Store Credit

How Do you Get it?

Regardless of whether you are in one of the store groups or not, when you shop and spend in the main store or any of our satelite locations, you will earn a percentage of each spend back as store credit. Store Credit is only rewarded when shopping in world, it doe not accumulate or take in consideration any purchases that have been made on the SL Marketplace.

Store Credit starts to be rewarded once you have spent a minimum of 1,000L$ in store and builds gradually in increments.

How Much Do I have?

You can view you current store credit reward tier and balance by simply touching (left click) on any of the vendors in store and selecting “discounts” from the pop up menu. This will show you wht your current store credit percentage is, how much more is required to be spent before reaching the next tier, and how much Store Credit is currently available for you to spend. It will also display the Discount percentage for the Group the vendor is set to.

How Do I Use It?

To use your Store Credit to make a purchase instead of you L$ balance just Touch (Left Click) the vendor/product you wish to purchase. Select “Buy” from the Pop-Up menu, this will then give you a further three options.

storecredit use

L$: Payment will be made from your Linden Dollar balance.

Gift Card: will use the balance from a [HC] Store Gift Card

Store Credit: this will deduct the value of the item from your existing Store Credit balance.

Store credit can only be used for full payment of an item. It does not qualify for group discounts and cannot be used for partial payment.

As soon as you click on the “Store Credit” option your delivery will be made and you will receive a new pop-up confirming what balance is remaining, as well as confirmation in nearby chat. If you already own the item you are trying to purchase the system will attempt to process but will then fail, you will be sent a message in nearby informing you that you already own it, and you will get a pop-up telling you this also. The amount of credit that you tried to spend will then be refunded back to your store credit balance.