VIP Benefits

In July of 2016 i started the [HC] Hopes Creations VIP Group. The purpose behind this was to offer extra benefits and deals to a more exclusive group of customers. I have previously tried to explain what’s what with this group but things change and evolve over time so I will endeavour to keep this information as current and up-to-date as possible.


Discounts are currently set at 18% on all VIP vendors in the main store, and on all vendors in the discount store (some vendors may not offer any discounts).

click HERE to find out how to use your tag for discount

Group Gifts

Group Gifts, when time allows, will be made available in the VIP area of the store. Group gifts will be free. The VIP group gift will also always include the gift for the free group too, and eliminates the last reason to stay in the free group.

I value the group gift as I would if it was an item I am selling and the gift each month will have a value greater than the cost of joining the group.

To receive your gift, make sure you are wearing the VIP group tag, and then just touch the Gift vendor and select “deliver”, or right click and buy/pay. If you choose the latter option you will have to pay 1L$, this is a limitation of SL scripts and they cannot accept a zero payment, but you will receive an instant refund.

Lucky Chairs & Mania Boards

I provide Mini Mania, Midnight Mania & lucky chairs in store exclusively for VIP Group members. All of these offer a variety of items from old to new.

Mini Mania boards each need 25 entries before picking a single random winner.

Midnight Madness Board needs 50 entries, and when the target is reached all entries will win. This board does not clear daily, it rolls over so once you have entered you are guaranteed a win, there just is not a guarantee on time scale.

Lucky Chairs will rotate through to a new letter every 60 minutes, except when a winning bum goes in the seat, then a new letter will appear instantly.

I do have to add a note here. I absolutely do not like selfish campers. I provide these chairs for everyone in the group to use, and as everyone has paid good money to join the group they are entitled to equality. if it appears that you are camping these chairs and are NOT sharing the letter in the group then i will take action. At no point will I withdraw these and make the majority suffer for the selfishness of the few. If i feel you are camping and not sharing you will receive one warning which will be sent to you via note-card, if your actions continue then I will remove you from the group with no refund and you will be prevented from rejoining. If you have friends camping, who are NOT in the group they will receive a warning, and then prevented from entering the region.

This may seem harsh, and it is, but i should NOT have to do this. This is all because 1 or 2 people. I am have no qualms to name and shame.

Special Vendors

In the VIP area of the store are 3 special VIP only vendors.

vipspecial vendor

The middle Vendor is for Limited Edition items. These are released on very rare occasions and limited to 50 pieces only. These are only available in store and only available to VIP group members.

The 2 outer vendors offer a special 25% Discount to all items in them and only to VIP group members. There will be approx 10-15 items available between them and the products do get changed up every now and again. Use the <<(pervious) and >>(next) buttons to scroll through the available items.

The Discount Store

Named as such because this is where you will find retired items. All items have been reduced in price and all are below 99L$ each.

Because these prices have already been reduced only VIP members are granted additional discount.