Groups & Discounts

There are two groups associated with out store in Second Life, each of them have different benefits. unfortunately due to limitations within SL what’s what is not always as straight forward as we’d like so I will try to explain as best I can.

What Groups are there?

Firstly there is the free, basic group ! HC ! Hopes Creations . This Group currently grants 12% discount on purchases made in store whilst wearing the group tag.

Then there is the [HC] Hopes Creations VIP Group. This group costs 250L$ to join but offers many more benefits.

Why are there 2 prices when go to buy something?

When you right click on a vendor and select buy/pay you may see twop different prices displayed for you. The price on the left (the higher price) is the full price of the item. The lower price on the right is the price with Group Discount already applied.

Providing you are wearing the correct tag for the vendor you an choose to pay either one of these prices. If you pay the lower price you will be paying the discounted price. If you pay the higher price you will then receive a refund for the difference according to the discount for the group.

Why does my money keep getting refunded?

There are two common causes for this, either A: you already own the product, or B: you are wearing the wrong tag for the price you are trying to pay. Both of these cicumstances will send you a message in nearby chat explaining why and what has happened.

How do I know what tag to wear?

To start with, if you are in the VIP Group, you really dont need to also be in the basic group, so if you need to free up some valuable group space please feel free to leave the free one (do make sure you are leaving the correct group, you will get  warning if leaving a paid for group. No refunds will be made, no free invites given, to the VIP Group even if you leave by accident). 

The VIP group will always have more benefits than the basic group so if you are in the VIP group then that is the group tag you need to activate.

Why 2 vendors?

Due to the limitations of SL, and that an object can be set to one group only, the vendors have been doubled up to accommodate a discount structure for both groups.

groupdiscount vendor

The larger (upper) vendor is the main vendor. This can be used by anyone and grants discount for the free/basic group.

The smaller (lower) vendor, the one between the two VIP labels is strictly for use by VIP members only, and you must be wearing you [HC] VIP tag to use it.

Each of the 2 vendors will have exactly the same products in it, and each vendor will scroll independently of each other. The upper vendor may make it easier to make a choice as it has larger images but you must then navigate to it on the lower vendor before purchasing as a VIP .

CAUTION: the item you wish to purchase must be the main and central item on the vendor board, trying to make a payment against any of the other items whilst they are not in the central position will result in an incorrect purchase. Please check the product name on pop-ups and on the payment window before confirming your purchase.