Discounts, Credits & Other Stuff

When shopping in store there are several benefits available to you. These may not always be in-your-face obvious at first but they are there, and its not always straightforward for how to use it, so hopefully some of these questions have been answered below.

Store Credit

Regardless of whether you are in one of the store groups or not, when you shop and spend in the main store or any of our satelite locations, you will earn a percentage of each spend back as store credit. Store Credit is only rewarded when shopping in world, it doe not accumulate or take in consideration any purchases that have been made on the SL Marketplace.  READ MORE

Groups & Discounts

There are two groups associated with out store in Second Life, each of them have different benefits. unfortunately due to limitations within SL what’s what is not always as straight forward as we’d like so I will try to explain as best I can. READ MORE

VIP Benefits

In July of 2016 i started the [HC] Hopes Creations VIP Group. The purpose behind this was to offer extra benefits and deals to a more exclusive group of customers. I have previously tried to explain what’s what with this group but things change and evolve over time so I will endeavour to keep this information as current and up-to-date as possible. READ MORE