A Store Guide

shop1Well, starting with a welcome seems as good a place as any to start so with that, welcome to this rough but brief guide to the store, where to find things and how things work.

It might seem a little condescending or patronising in places but if thats the case for you then you probably know things well enough already and are well and truely already a seasoned shopaholic in SL.

The main entrance (lobby) area is meant to have things to hand that you need for a quick stop.

Standing guard by the front door is Fred, he is your very friendly snailman. If at any time you need to get a message to me, whether I am online or offline, to reduce the risk of SL eating messages or notecards, or offlines getting lost when email notifications fail and so on and so forth (this is SL afterall), then you can just jot things down in

a notecard and send it via snailmail. Please DO NOT drop a note or send a message to either of the bots, they dont know much, and say even less, and what they do say can be somewhat gargled.


So on the left of the main entrance is what I’m calling info corner for the purpose of simply givng it a name.  Here you will find links to our social media pages by clicking on the chunky cubes by the window, and in the corner posters for other useful information, sites or associated groups (like clubs i sponsor).

You will also find information for all hunts and/or events that I will taking part in, plus of course hints for those hunts as they get started. If you turned just a wee bit to your right you will see on the wall some special offer vendors and the weekend Sales vendors too.

To get to those pieces you have of course just walked right past the table in the middle of the floor. This little table is where you will find the regulr group gift. (The regular group is the basic, free to join group).


On the right of the main entrance is, and to be quiet frank, its a vacant lot. This corner is currently themed purple and is home to some of the RFL fundraising items. As different seasons, themes or events come and go this little corner will lliekly change with them for special focus.


In the lobby area ou will also find a corner with the latest releases for convenience. The new items found here are usually no longer than a week old and most of the time will also be a reduced price for a short period of time under the “Early Bird” deal. The model bot in the corner with usually be wearing the very latest release paired with shoes or something that is available in the store.


And finally we have the VIP corner. Beleive it or not but you must be a member of the VIP group to take advantage of anything in this corner.

I DO NOT like campers, or at least, not selfish campers. If you want to stand guard over those chairs waiting for certain letters to come up then by all means, you’re welcome to, BUT, be courteous to other group members and share those letters. I do have a bigger gripe on this and more to say but that will come another time.

Moving around the store in a clockwise direction we have:

shop6The Pink Room: For Dresses & Skirt Outfits


The Rose Room: For Gowns, but will also be the overflow room for dresses in genral if needed.

shop8The Purple Room: Lingerie, Swimwear, Silks, Shoes & Nail appliers can be found here.


The Blue Room: Costumes & Seasonal Items


The Green Room: Pants outfits as well as sparates, skirts, pants, shorts and shirts.

In all rooms you can find a group joiner for both of the Store groups as well as redelivery terminal(s). As there is a failsafe in place to prevent you from purchasing the same thing twice (excluding gifting options) sometimes you may find a transaction is refunded and a message will be in nerby chat informing you that you already own that item. If that happens but you’re not sure where or when, then the nearby redelivery terminals come in very useful.

I have also tried to be a little helpful by placing signs on the floor informing you of what’s is in the room you are stopping into.

There are 2 discount schemes in store plus the stre credit but i will go into that in more detail in another post.