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Do You Dare ?

Do you dare take a walk through the woods on a dark and foggy night? At the rear of the store a small woodland park has appeared. Ghosts haunt the pumpkin patch awaiting… Continue reading

I Wants Don’t Get

… didn’t your mother ever tell you that the “I wants” just “don’t get”? Well, according to some, I’m one of the “Don’t wants”, in that I don’t want you folks winning anything… Continue reading

New Deals on New Releases

  Starting today, March 24th 2016, I am offering a New Deal on all New Releases. New Releases will be offered at a reduced price for the first two weeks of Release. This… Continue reading

Premium Membership in Second Life Just Got Better!

Many of us had previously been put off from paying for the Premium service in Second Life because it offered very little benefit or additions from being a basic user, I myself am… Continue reading

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